Dream Catcher
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Dream Catcher Assisted Living Home LLC is a 4,100 square foot single-family residence nestled in a beautiful Scottsdale neighborhood, at 56th Street and Thunderbird. We are licensed by the State Department of Health Services for 10 residents, which is the maximum number allowed for an Assisted Living Home. Dream Catcher has nine bedrooms, two community rooms, a large back yard with covered back porch, a pool, and a walking path to the back yard, which includes an herb garden, a vegetable garden and fruit trees. We have a total of seven to eight caregivers and our night staff is an "awake night staff." Having our staff awake and alert at night sets us apart from a majority of homes who employ live-in staff.

Dream Catcher Premier Assisted Living Home provides the quality home environment, safety, medication management, and comfort that we created for my Aunt Mary in 1999.

We're not bragging; our work is hard and we take it very seriously. But with our mission, dedicated caregivers, and the great need for quality service in this industry, we have earned our reputation.